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 READ FIRST: Rules of Conduct for this Website

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PostSubject: READ FIRST: Rules of Conduct for this Website   READ FIRST: Rules of Conduct for this Website Icon_minitimeThu Jun 28, 2007 6:36 am

The following rules apply to anyone visiting this site. Any refusal to accept, or constant or malicious breaking of, these rules will result in an immediate ban from the site. No second chances will be granted, no appeals will be recognized, the rules are spelled out quite clearly and will be enforced at all times.

Rule 1: You will not curse, use foul/profane language, insult other players, or otherwise "Flame" Flaming is defined as: any inflammatory, vulgar, socially charged, words or phrases used for the sole purpose to incite anger and/or debase another's character- the only exception to the flaming rule is in character role play as long as it is not excessive and reaches the level of harassment.

- Out of character is defined when current politics, phrases, and/or terminology are used.
i.e. Use of words like computer, internet, or America, Canada, Etc. will at no time be considered in character. Out of character flaming posts will be removed. Foul/profane language will not be tolerated in or out of character.

Rule 2. You will not communicate with any language other than English on this forum. For role-playing reasons you may use other languages but must provide a translation, or request for translation, as well. The only exception to this is Latin, and only then when used in ceremonies or prayer.

Rule 3. You will not commit bigotry, a persons' real life race/ethnicity, sex, age, religion, sexual preference, nationality, or political affiliation; should have no bearing, should not be discussed, and should not be used in an attempt to ridicule them.

Rule 4. You will not post items of a commercial nature on the forums or solicit for any commercial or charitable organization in any form without the express prior permission of the administrators of the site.

Rule 5. You will not spam the forums. Common but not entirely inclusive forms of spam include the following: posting several times in a row to the same thread, bumping a thread without an actual worded post relevant to the topic, posting the same message to several threads, etc.

Rule 6. You will consider all posts and topics to be in character unless obviously marked otherwise in their title (ie using the OOC tag, or referring to an obviously non-renaissance item: website). These topics should be kept to a minimum and presented in a general area for all to see.

Rule 7. You will not make private messages or paraphrased content of them public without the consent of the sender.

Rule 8. You will not reveal IP address of another poster, at any time, for any reason.

These rules are based upon those presented in the main English forums of Renaissance Kingdoms, which can be found here, of which this site is an RP extension thereof.
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READ FIRST: Rules of Conduct for this Website
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