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 The Duke of Worcester Has Arrived

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PostSubject: The Duke of Worcester Has Arrived   Thu Aug 09, 2007 4:24 pm

The carriage of the Duke of Worcester slowly comes into view by the gatehouse. The teamster disembarks and then opens a door, bowing low while extending in his open arms an oaken shillelagh carved ornately. The gloved hand of His Grace comes into view, taking hold of the shillelagh then stamping it into the ground to brace himself as he sets both feet on the ground. The teamster now braces him under one arm, as he calls out to soldiers posted by the gate. 'His Grace, the Lord Duke Algernon O'Rourke has arrived.' He proffers a letter, 'Per the written invitation of Sir Loyats, he be.'
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The Duke of Worcester Has Arrived
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