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 First Visit? Read This!

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PostSubject: First Visit? Read This!   First Visit? Read This! Icon_minitimeThu Jun 28, 2007 8:30 am

This is written as a short introductory guide so that people do not get lost and confused on their first visit to the forums. Here we will give a short description of each forum and subforum, and their purpose, in an attempt to keep the forums clean and orderly.

If you intend to join the Order, or otherwise enter the Castle, you may make your intentions known at The Gatehouse. This is where you must make your intentions known for access to be granted.

If you are here to compete in a sanctioned tourney, or merely wish to test your skill against a willing participant, then The Tourney Grounds are for you. This is where various games of skill, prowess, and strength are performed, and champions made and named. This section is currently under construction

If you require information on the county, or wish to RP your approach to the Castle, then The Surrounding Lands are for you.

Another place designed to facilitate RP, but closer to the Castle is The Barbican or the Castle's outer most defenses, it is where the Gatehouse is located as well. If you're looking to challenge a guard or attempt to make trouble (all RP of course) the Barbican is your best bet.

If you absolutely need to say something out of character (OOC) then feel free to do so in The Great OOC Forum, a place designed for just that. It is also the place you'll probably find your post if you didn't put it here, and spoke out of character.

Of course the Castle is composed of more than just these few locations, but they are accessable, and important to, only those that have access, and therefore are discussed within the walls.
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First Visit? Read This!
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